Sunday, February 24

Ready to move...

Eric and I have decided that it is time for us to move on...from our house that is. We have just begun looking for a new home. I am particularly excited to get into a new home. I do not like living in this area we are now living in. It is not a bad area, it is just filled with lots of retired people. We need to have more people around us that are our age and have children that Brianne and our future child(ren) can play with. I am very excited about this new venture we are about to imbark on. Wish us luck!

Sunday, February 17


Well I tell you it has been an interesting 6 months. It started off fairly normal with Brianne turing 2. The party was awesome, she had a great time with all the kids. But it left me wondering where does the time go...?
Then over the holidays so many things happened. Thanksgiving was a little weird. My great-grandmother fell and went to the emergency room. Thankfully she was okay. And there was a little bit of anxiety since my parents announced that they were getting a divorce a couple days before (after 31 years of marriage).
Just after that, but before Christmas my sister informed us that she was pregnant with her second child. She is very excited, and we are for her.
We took Lili (our neice) and Brianne, along with Eric's brother and his family, up to see the Temple lights in Mesa. They were beautiful (see below for pictures)
We got all new flooring in our home just before Christmas and my home has still not recovered fully. There is tile dust in many of the nooks and crannys. I do have the top layer cleaned and every week find a little more hidden somewhere. I really need to do "spring cleaning" but I can't find the time or energy to clean it up.
Over Christmas, Eric, Brianne and I all got sick with colds and you know how it is when that has to buck up and take care of everyone. Needless to say I was exhausted for about 3 weeks while trying to recouperate.
New Years was uneventful, as per usual lots of friends/family having parties but we were not invited to anything. Aparently we smell or something. During January I help my mother look for an apartment. We finally found one she was happy with. On January 31st I helped her move in. Man do I hate moving (I have done it over 10 time myself)! It is a little weird that my parents are no longer together, but they still are remaining friends so everything is civil. I can easily invite them to things together and they are fine.
On Valentine's Day, Eric was sick and had school...SUCKS! We haven't really had and time together alone since our anniversary in October. We try and make plans but usually they fall through do to babysitting or what not.
And now this morning, Brianne has decided to start throwing up again. I feel so bad for can see she is uncomfortable and I can't explain why to her. Poor baby!
We will see what the next 6 months has to bring...

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