Saturday, April 26

Getting Anxious....

I am really ready to be out of this house. The only perk...a pool for Brianne to play in! I am ready to have a house with a backyard and lots of play room. I want a garden with lots of fresh veggies and fruits. We have been talking about buying about 10 or so acres with some family. It is a wonderful idea and I want it to happen so badly. I want our little girl to have wide open spaces to play in and to learn to self sufficient.

Time keeps ticking by and it seems as though nothing will ever change, but then I think about 4-6 months ago and where we were and what we were doing. Things are different now so who knows what things will be like in 4 months...?

It is amazing how sometimes time seems to just creep by and other times it flies! It is all tied in with your frame of mind and what you are waiting for. I HATE WAITING! Patience is not one of the things that I have been blessed with, but fortunately faith and the knowledge that everything happens for a reason is. Even though sometimes I don't like it :(

Friday, April 18

Swimming Season is Approaching

My daughter is so excited that swimming season is among us. Everyday she says "simming mam, simming". She loves to splash around and jump in with her floaties on. She was especially excited when "ampa" offered to take her swimming before he comes over for dinner on Sunday. Go Ampa!

The Garbage Truck

Brianne is scared to death of the garbage truck. She runs, hides, and holds on tight to my neck when she hears one. Unfortunately there is a dumpster just on the other side of the wall at her daycare. It apparently scared the crud out of her because now she hates to do out and play and that used to be her favorite part of school. I am very troubled by this. I hope we can resolve this.

Saturday, April 5

We had a Wiggly Time!!

On Tuesday, Eric and I took Brianne and Lili to

After a dining feast at McDonald's
of Chicken nuggets and Chocolate milk
and expelling some energy on the playground...
we drove to the TCC to get in our seats!
Of course we made a pit-stop at the souvenir stand...
Lili got a hat and Brianne got a shirt.
They immediately adorned their attire
And after what seemed like ages of waiting.....
The WIGGLES finally emerged!

We pointed our fingers.....

And did the twist....

We shook our tushes......

And wiggled all around.....

We ALL had a wonderful time!!!!

Nothing is more wonderful than seeing
Little children at their happiest.
Giggling and smiling and have a BLAST!

Home for Sale

It is official...our home is for sale! If you know anyone that is interested please have them send me a message.

Best 6 minutes on You Tube...!