Friday, February 20

Broken Toe

So on Sunday night I think I broke my toe. I was walking through the kitchen and kicked a stool Brianne uses to "help" me cook. When I looked down my 4th toe on the right foot was laying over my pinky toe. I yelled to Eric "I think I just broken my toe". He responded with "What? Which one?". I showed him my toes and said which do you think. I tried to straighten it and it popped a little so I continued to straighten it and it made 5-6 more pops and was straight. It then began to throb and hurt a lot. The next morning it was black, purple and swollen. It is still that way today (6 days later)...OUCH!

Friday, February 13

Heart Day!

Ok, we are doing better. Things really haven't changed, but we have accepted our reality as it is and are moving on...

This Valentine's day is pretty much going to be a bust this year. My hubby will be home, but we have a 4 week old and a 3 year old. Not the most romantic setting. It doesn't matter anyway because I am still within that 6 week post baby period (anyone who has had a baby knows what I mean by that). I am preparing to make a special dinner for us to share, but I full do not intend to get a present. My husband is not the greatest at planning ahead for this sort of stuff and then the time just creeps away. He then realizes that the time is upon us and whoops. Brianne gets to have a Valentines/Friends party at school today. It should be lots of fun for her.

We will be having a dinner with my sister and her fam & mom and Dennis on Sunday...ribs, yummy! That means it is time to clean the house. I have been a little lacks about it lately (only the past 2 years)'s to wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's. may you be able to spend it with the ones you love.

Monday, February 2

More lemons...

Well the waiting is over....and we have received even more rotten lemons and these are starting to mold. This bag we have of rotten lemons is getting bigger and heavier all the time. But we have just decided that we will take these rotten lemons to the trash as many at a time as we can. We just have to toss them out and try to move on from here, sometimes easier said than done.

Best 6 minutes on You Tube...!