Sunday, July 19

We are selling our townhome

If you know of anyone that is interested in a quite spacious townhome on the northwest side of Tucson (between La Canada and Oracle on Orange Grove) Please follow this link to my blog page that has more information:

Townhome for sale

Or you can email me directly at

Wednesday, July 15

God's mean sense of humor...

Today, the day before my 30th birthday......I discovered my first grey hair!!

I was looking in the mirror at my very mouse brown roots and said "oh good, now I can find a color closer to my natural color and let it grow out." then I paused and thought, wow that hair is awfully blond?? Then discovered, as my mother calls it, my silver hair.

I thought I was going to be able to dodge that bullet for a few more years....curses!

Tuesday, July 14

Some new pics and videos of the kiddies

Some pictures:

2 very cute videos of the kids playing:

Saturday, July 11

It's been long....

It has been a long time since I have blogged. Jaxon is doing well, growing like a weed. I can't believe he is 6 months old! Oh how time files by...I will try to post some pictures soon. Brianne is loving the summer and all the swimming that brings. Eric and I are getting stressed and are VERY anxious to sell our townhome. We are preparing to clean everything out to make it look better and sell quickly. I hate having to do this, but it is time to expand into a bigger house for our family.

Tuesday, April 28

Vacation Fun

A Video of Brianne at the Beach:

Tuesday, April 14

Friday, April 10

A childs faith in great

I was able to witness a child's knowledge and faith in Jesus as Brianne has grown. I am sad to say that we really haven't been talking too much to Brianne about Jesus and his importance to us because I didn't really think she would understand (silly me). When Brianne was about 2-1/2 years old, without having been told before, I pointed to a picture we have of Jesus and asked her if she knew who that was. I thought she would give me a "funny" answer like..."that daddy" or grandpa etc. Instead she gave me an amazing answer. Out of my little girls mouth came "that Jesus". I was none the less...floored! Even after that, the time got away from day to day and we still were teaching Brianne principles of the church with any frequency. We would try to go to church, but we always get the times when our children like to nap, so sadly we didn't go much. What I am getting at is setting up that Brianne has not had much if any teaching about church principles. A couple weeks ago we were sitting at the dinner table and I saw Brianne looking at the picture we have of the Temple hanging on the wall. Wanting to start teaching Brianne all the things I haven't been I asked her..."Do you know what that is a picture of?" She looked at me with a sort of blank stare, so I said "that is called a Temple". Without missing a beat, her face lite up and she said "oh...Jesus lives there". Needless to say, I was completely floored...again. She went on to explain some things to me, which I only understood about 50% of (as any of you who have been around younger children know that sometimes especially when excited they are hard to understand). I did get out of her explanation that she was telling me that when you go in there, you go up the stairs and then you can talk to Jesus. A child's self knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ is amazing!

Wednesday, March 25

Big Sister

Brianne loves being a big sister. She is so protective of her brother. The other day we were at Furr's with my dad and one of his long time customers came up and looked at Jaxon. She moved the blanket back to get a better look and Brianne immediately shot her little hand up in the air across him to protect him and said in a very loud authoritative voice "Don't touch him!"

She always wants to hold him and our biggest problem with her and him is getting her to leave him alone (especially when he is sleeping). Here are some pictures of the happy siblings:

Saturday, March 21


Yes it is true....Eric and I have decided that the time has come. We haven't been on a vacation in quite some time, but we are now going to San Diego April 22-26. I am so excited! We got tickets to Sea World and The San Diego Zoo. We plan to take Brianne (and Jaxon, though he won't appreciate it) to the beach to play. The weather will be beautiful. I can't wait to relax and have fun.

Tuesday, March 17

Jaxon Update

Well...Jaxon is now 2 months old and going strong. We went to the doctor on Monday and he weighs 11lb. 4oz. and is 23 in long. He is in the 50th percentile. He is growing so much every day and is so adorable with his blue eyes and auburn hair. Here are some pictures of him.

Wednesday, March 11

Newest picture of our little man!

Here is an updated picture of Jaxon. He is growing so fast!
It looks like he will have blue eyes and right now he has light reddish brown hair.
We have an appointment on Monday and I will post the new updates.

It's been a while...

It has been a while since:

* I have fit into my pants (still don't really)
* We have taken a vacation
* I have felt "normal"
* I have had a decent night sleep
* Felt the way I do
* I have received any help with the house and kids without making a fuss or asking
* I have seen a beach
* I have felt relaxed
* I haven't had knots in my shoulders and back
* I have written on this blog

Sorry to complain and be all sad. But every now and again you have to be a little down, especially when your hormones are trying to get back in line.

Friday, February 20

Broken Toe

So on Sunday night I think I broke my toe. I was walking through the kitchen and kicked a stool Brianne uses to "help" me cook. When I looked down my 4th toe on the right foot was laying over my pinky toe. I yelled to Eric "I think I just broken my toe". He responded with "What? Which one?". I showed him my toes and said which do you think. I tried to straighten it and it popped a little so I continued to straighten it and it made 5-6 more pops and was straight. It then began to throb and hurt a lot. The next morning it was black, purple and swollen. It is still that way today (6 days later)...OUCH!

Friday, February 13

Heart Day!

Ok, we are doing better. Things really haven't changed, but we have accepted our reality as it is and are moving on...

This Valentine's day is pretty much going to be a bust this year. My hubby will be home, but we have a 4 week old and a 3 year old. Not the most romantic setting. It doesn't matter anyway because I am still within that 6 week post baby period (anyone who has had a baby knows what I mean by that). I am preparing to make a special dinner for us to share, but I full do not intend to get a present. My husband is not the greatest at planning ahead for this sort of stuff and then the time just creeps away. He then realizes that the time is upon us and whoops. Brianne gets to have a Valentines/Friends party at school today. It should be lots of fun for her.

We will be having a dinner with my sister and her fam & mom and Dennis on Sunday...ribs, yummy! That means it is time to clean the house. I have been a little lacks about it lately (only the past 2 years)'s to wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's. may you be able to spend it with the ones you love.

Monday, February 2

More lemons...

Well the waiting is over....and we have received even more rotten lemons and these are starting to mold. This bag we have of rotten lemons is getting bigger and heavier all the time. But we have just decided that we will take these rotten lemons to the trash as many at a time as we can. We just have to toss them out and try to move on from here, sometimes easier said than done.

Friday, January 30

Anxiously awaiting

I just hate it when all of the plans for something you have planned that is under a time crunch rests in the hands of someone else that is not as concerned about the time crunch. I hate it when those people are thinking, "oh it's okay don't worry we have plenty of time", and we really don't because we have to do something else if that option doesn't work out. I hate it when people don't understand how I like to have all of my ducks in a row and get things taken care of before the last minute. Especially when there is a lot of money at stake. Grrrrrr.....

Tuesday, January 27

Rotten Lemons

Don't you just hate it when it seems that things are going well then BAM! Life hands you a big bag of rotten lemons. Not even good enough to make lemonade out of. Then more and more lemons get loaded into the bag and it seems like you will never be able to move the bag. And most of all I hate it when all of this comes from one or two minor events that snowball into a major problems. The biggest downer of all is when you find a solution that will work, but you can't get the details to happen and you are working under a time crunch. GRRRRRR this is so frustrating!!! Well, wish us luck on emptying our current bag of rotten lemons.

Tuesday, January 20

Saturday, January 17

Welcome my little baby...

Jaxon Evan Reeves!

Born: January 15, 2009 at 7:25pm
Weight: 6 lbs. 15 oz.
Length: 20 inches

Mommy and Baby are doing just fine. More pictures will be coming soon...

Thursday, January 15

Here I go...

I am going in now to be induced into labor. We will post when we get home with our new little one!!

Wednesday, January 14

Ding! I'm Done

Come out, Come out whoever you are!! We are ready to meet you!

Friday, January 9

I cut my hair

Yes I sure did! Brianne and I both got the same hair cut. It is an angled bob that starts at the bottom of my neck and angles forward to the bottom of my chin. It is really cute on both of us and is so easy to take care of. If anyone is interested in hair cuts, colors, etc. my sister is the BEST!! Either you can come to her or she can come to you. Send me a message and I will give you her contact info. Seriously I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair...

Tuesday, January 6

Patience is not one of my virtues

I have never been what you would call a patient person. Now that I am a mere days away from giving birth it is really starting to show. I want to meet our new little bundle...NOW! Aside from the fact that I have been ordered to sleep upright (an extremely hard task) to prevent the baby from turning breach again. Come on baby...I am ready for you!!!

Best 6 minutes on You Tube...!