Sunday, August 24

Party Prep

So I just realized a couple days ago that Brianne's birthday is in 2 WEEKS!! AHHHH!!! I really have to kick butt and get everything ready. Brianne's birthday is always a huge production. I am talking there is 40-45 people there (and 90% of that is family)! I am trying to get a head start on this because this year I am 20 weeks pregnant and tired.

Hubby is being a little pissy, the usual when he thinks I am being "crazy" with preping and spending money. He asks "we have 2 weeks why do we have to start now?" and I reply with "well our weeks somehow get lost and we only have 2 Saturdays to get a lot of stuff done". He like most men is a wonderful husband, but doesn't not understand the work that is involved with being a mom. Yes he knows there is work involved, he helps put up the canopy, blow up the pool and decorate on the day of the party, but he really has no idea who much prep work is involved before the big day. It is amazing how there know there are new party decorations, food ordered, party bags etc. but for some reason they have no comprehension of how all of those items came to be in our possession. Like they appeared by magic.

He complains that I over-think my parties. He, like most people, doesn't understand....throwing a party is an art form. I know that sounds corny, let me try to explain. Most people when they throw a party, have a little food, maybe some decorations, people come over and there is often some "blank spots" in the fun. Now let me walk you through what goes on in my mind when I am planning a party. The first thing you have to do is, decide on a theme. Once I have the theme I decide on a color scheme for things. Since I am a graphic designer, the next item is to design a theme based invitation. The big trick to making a party seem together is link everything back to the theme. After the invitations are done, I can focus on the theme. When I buy supplies and decorations everything in linked to the theme/color scheme. After the decorations are taken care of, the next step is activities. I make sure that there is something for everyone to do if they want to. Especially if there are children. Children often get tired of things quickly and if you don't give them something else to do, the whining or mischief begins. Every detail of a party is thought of and the minor, small details are not overlooked. When you come to one of my parties there is a reason to everything you see, hear or encounter. Most people never really realize the thought/details put into it, all they know is that there was something different that made the party special. Making a party special is all about creating an ambiance for the party-goers.

But enough rambling....

Monday, August 18

A different weekend than planned.

Our weekend was to be mostly child-free and relaxed, but that is not what happened.

On Friday, Brianne was to spend the night with her cousins. Events transpired that had us ending up with all 3 of the kids for the night. When you are not use to it or prepared, an event such as this can be quite a shock. The kids were all good and we had a nice time. Though Brianne wouldn't go to sleep, she kept jumping up to kiss her cousin "Roz-Rick"

On Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast. Instead of going to the baby fair as desired and planned, we recovered from the night (cleaning and straightening). Lils and Bree then helped me make banana pudding for the birthday party of 2 of Brianne's other cousins later that day. At about 12:00pm we sent the kids over to my dad's so we could go help set-up the party which turned out to be more work than we had anticipated, but when it is family involved you do what you can to help. Since the time took longer than though our plans of going home to shower and get ready for the party went out the window. Eric had to dash to get the kids and a few more supplied while I stayed to help get things in order. The party turned out great and everyone had a great time. When all was said and done, we helped clean up as best we could and then took the kids back to my dad's house to spend the night. We then go to go out for a light dinner, then home to bed (we were pooped).

On Sunday morning we needed to pick up our daughter at about 9am to bring her home to get ready for Church. We left for church at about 10:45 and arrived a little late, surprisingly all the kids were behaved during sacrament. After church we took Brianne home. She and I took a nap while Eric did homework (begrudgingly). I was completely exhausted from the previous 2 days and could barely more. I went to bed, and did not sleep much.

And here I am on Monday morning, supposed to be relaxed and refreshed, and not even close! On a Kid-free (at least 36+ hours) weekend we were kid free for a burst of 2-1/2 hours first and then a total of 10 hours overnight. WooHoo!!

Tuesday, August 5


The 4-day weekend that we shared as a family was so fun.

It started by going to Breakers with Lils (my niece) and my brother-in-law and his family. We had a great time. Bri loved the wave pool. We taught her how to body surf (sort-of) and she thought that was great. I hope we can go back before the season it up.

Friday, we took Bri to school. We were hoping to have a steakhouse lunch, but none are open for lunch during the week. After trying a couple places, we ended up at Ruby Tuesday's. It was good, and we were planning to go see the new Mummy movie, but we were so tired after lunch we came home and watched the first Bourne movie (Bourne Identity) and relaxed. We picked-up Bri and stopped at Sam's Club to pick up a pizza for dinner (they have great pizza that is cheap!)

Saturday, we woke up and had breakfast with my dad at Jerry Bob's. It was tasty as usual. We then did a little shopping and spent the rest of the day doing chores around the house. None of us had slept well on Friday night so it was nice to just relax.

Sunday was also relaxing. I skipped church (bad me!) We had BLTs for lunch which I had been craving for about a week and a "snackie" dinner. It was really nice.

I was not looking forward to going back to work, I knew there would be a lot of work there for me to do. I am the only one that does my job and everything just piles up when I am gone. It was a lot,but fortunately it was mostly lots of little jobs to do and I got most of them done yesterday.

Best 6 minutes on You Tube...!