Wednesday, March 25

Big Sister

Brianne loves being a big sister. She is so protective of her brother. The other day we were at Furr's with my dad and one of his long time customers came up and looked at Jaxon. She moved the blanket back to get a better look and Brianne immediately shot her little hand up in the air across him to protect him and said in a very loud authoritative voice "Don't touch him!"

She always wants to hold him and our biggest problem with her and him is getting her to leave him alone (especially when he is sleeping). Here are some pictures of the happy siblings:

Saturday, March 21


Yes it is true....Eric and I have decided that the time has come. We haven't been on a vacation in quite some time, but we are now going to San Diego April 22-26. I am so excited! We got tickets to Sea World and The San Diego Zoo. We plan to take Brianne (and Jaxon, though he won't appreciate it) to the beach to play. The weather will be beautiful. I can't wait to relax and have fun.

Tuesday, March 17

Jaxon Update

Well...Jaxon is now 2 months old and going strong. We went to the doctor on Monday and he weighs 11lb. 4oz. and is 23 in long. He is in the 50th percentile. He is growing so much every day and is so adorable with his blue eyes and auburn hair. Here are some pictures of him.

Wednesday, March 11

Newest picture of our little man!

Here is an updated picture of Jaxon. He is growing so fast!
It looks like he will have blue eyes and right now he has light reddish brown hair.
We have an appointment on Monday and I will post the new updates.

It's been a while...

It has been a while since:

* I have fit into my pants (still don't really)
* We have taken a vacation
* I have felt "normal"
* I have had a decent night sleep
* Felt the way I do
* I have received any help with the house and kids without making a fuss or asking
* I have seen a beach
* I have felt relaxed
* I haven't had knots in my shoulders and back
* I have written on this blog

Sorry to complain and be all sad. But every now and again you have to be a little down, especially when your hormones are trying to get back in line.

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