Tuesday, September 23

Him vs. Her

Here is a little quiz of me verses my hubby...Enjoy!

1. What are his nicknames? Honey, Babe, Love-muffin
2. How long have you been married? 8 years in October
3. How long did you date? Approximately 4 Years, 4 months, & 5 days
4. How old is he? 29
5. Who eats more sweets? He does, unless I am pregnant...
6. Who said I love you first? I did, he wasn't ready yet...
7. Who is taller? Him by about 1/4 inch
8. Who sings better? He does
9. Who is smarter? Depends about what you speak...We took IQ tests and scored very close, but scored higher when we took it together. We both know a lot about different subjects. I will tell you this though...his brain is worth a lot of money!
10. Who does the laundry? Usually me, he does it all wrong! He will do it all, wash, switch to the dryer, unload the dryer, but won't lay the clothes out so they don't get wrinkled.
11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Looking at the bed from the foot of it I do.
12. Who mows the lawn? What the heck is a lawn?...Of yeah, that green stuff that grows in some peoples yards...we don't have one, but if we did he would.
13. Who cooks dinner? I do, Eric's version of cooking dinner is a box of Hamburger Helper, which isn't bad but I can do better.
14. Who drives? If we are together, generally he does.
15. Who is more stubborn? Depends about what, but typically I would say me.
16. Who kissed who first? He kissed me, then looked up at me (yes even though he is taller I was in heels) and said..."don't worry, it gets better".
17. Who proposed? We just kind of decided to get married, but he did officially propose with the rings we picked out.
18. Who has more siblings? We each have one sibling.
19. Who wears the pants? How about we both wear shorts...
....What do you love most about him?
*His ability to take care of me and our family
*His thirst for something better in life.
*His cuteness.
*His ability to do the things I can't/don't want to.
*His charming personality.
*The fact that Children LOVE him! (that speaks volumes).
*His want to make me happy, even when he thinks I am being silly.
And so many more reasons....

Monday, September 8

Brianne's Party

Hi All!

Photos from Brianne's Birthday Party are up at our Shutterfly page, Please feel free to look at that album and any other you would like. There are some cute ones!

Ultrasounds pics are up!

Hi Everyone,

Just letting you know in case you are interested...the latest ultrasound pictures are up on the New Baby Reeves Blog. Take a look and make sure to take my baby poll too!

Friday, September 5

A new poll

Hi Everyone! If you are readying this, please pop over to my Pregnancy Journal and take my poll on the top right side. Since we are not finding out what the new baby is to be, we want to know what you think! Please take the poll and let us know...

Thursday, September 4

My baby turns 3!

I can't believe it, my baby girl is turning 3 tomorrow! Where did the time go. She is such a blessing and I love watching her grow and progress. She has so much energy and life. She makes me laugh and smile every day.

She is so excited about her party on Saturday. She is ready to swim in the pool and play with friends. She loves Dora the Explorer and that is the party theme. I can't wait to see her face when she sees the decorations and all the family and friends that will be there.

She is one of the best things in my life and I love you so much...


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