Tuesday, April 28

Vacation Fun

A Video of Brianne at the Beach:

Tuesday, April 14

Friday, April 10

A childs faith in great

I was able to witness a child's knowledge and faith in Jesus as Brianne has grown. I am sad to say that we really haven't been talking too much to Brianne about Jesus and his importance to us because I didn't really think she would understand (silly me). When Brianne was about 2-1/2 years old, without having been told before, I pointed to a picture we have of Jesus and asked her if she knew who that was. I thought she would give me a "funny" answer like..."that daddy" or grandpa etc. Instead she gave me an amazing answer. Out of my little girls mouth came "that Jesus". I was none the less...floored! Even after that, the time got away from day to day and we still were teaching Brianne principles of the church with any frequency. We would try to go to church, but we always get the times when our children like to nap, so sadly we didn't go much. What I am getting at is setting up that Brianne has not had much if any teaching about church principles. A couple weeks ago we were sitting at the dinner table and I saw Brianne looking at the picture we have of the Temple hanging on the wall. Wanting to start teaching Brianne all the things I haven't been I asked her..."Do you know what that is a picture of?" She looked at me with a sort of blank stare, so I said "that is called a Temple". Without missing a beat, her face lite up and she said "oh...Jesus lives there". Needless to say, I was completely floored...again. She went on to explain some things to me, which I only understood about 50% of (as any of you who have been around younger children know that sometimes especially when excited they are hard to understand). I did get out of her explanation that she was telling me that when you go in there, you go up the stairs and then you can talk to Jesus. A child's self knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ is amazing!

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