Tuesday, November 25

Saturday, November 22

Your not my friend

A funny (and slightly annoying) thing happened Sunday. I have finally hit that time in the pregnancy called nesting. Anyone who has been pregnant know about this stage. Well if you read my blog, you know that my house has been a sort of shambles for months. I have decided that it is now time to get the house in order and read for our precious new bundle. I was cleaning out the area in our room where the new baby will reside for the first few months. I was moving and carrying things that I probably should not have been, but I was determined. Brianne was laying by the door (being somewhat of a pain in the tushy), I was walking out the door to a closet in the hallway outside our bedroom carrying a heavy pile of papers and such. Just as I get to the door, Brianne decides she wants to kick it right into my knee. Of course everything went flying down the hallway and I barely caught myself in time before I hit the floor. I whipped around and yelled, "Nooooo, don't do that, you hurt momma!". She turned on her stomach and started whining, and I ever so lightly (I mean we are talking not even hard enough to scare a bug) smacked her tush. She starts crying and wailing, "You hit my tushy momma". As I have finished picking up the hallway and have started to put it all away in the closet just outside our and Brianne's bedroom doors, she gets up, walks into her doorway, puts one hand on her hip and the other on her door as if she is going to slam the door. She then turns to me and says in a very stern and upset choppy tone "You're not my friend momma!". I quickly responded with, "That is just fine with me because you're not my friend right now either!"

Finding out the truth...

Don't you just love it when, for years, you have been having feelings and urges toward a certain decision and you finally get that confirmation to go with it. Recently in my family (on my husband's side specifically) this has happened. A few of us in the family are constantly overlooked and ignored, and we have decided not to take it anymore. We are not going to allow this emotional neglect any longer. And unfortunately I think that it is so far developed that even if there was an attempt to rectify it, we are all so hurt that it would be very hard to turn this around. I don't think an attempt will be made because these were not things that we maliciously chosen to do, but the result of a personality and character flaw. I have been feeling this way for quite some time and am glad that we are finally all banded together.

Friday, November 14

I'm ready...

for the holiday season to start.

for my husband to be home more often.

to try to get the craziness that is my life in order.

for this new baby to join us, not really due to the previous statement.

to see Christmas lights everywhere.

to cook up a storm in the upcoming month.

for a clean house.

for Brianne to have less energy than a chicken with it's head cut off.

for a hug from my 2 sleeping babies.

Wednesday, November 12

Daddy's groupie...

Eric loves to play guitar hero. He gets into it. Brianne loves to watch and dance to Daddy's guitar hero stylings. The only problem with this is she likes to dance right in front of the TV screen so Eric can't see what he is supposed to play. In this video, Brianne shows off her best moves and if you watch Eric's leg you see it bobbing to the music. At the end of the video you see how easily Brianne is distracted and done with things that she does.

Halloween, a little late..

Halloween was really fun. Brianne was a Fairy princess. her favorite part of the costume was the purple and pink dingly antenna she got to wear.

School is almost over!

Yes!!! I am so excited that Eric is almost done with school. Tomorrow is his last class forever. It will be so nice to have my husband back, especially since I will be understandably uncomfortable in this holiday season.

Best 6 minutes on You Tube...!