Tuesday, May 27

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a blast! On Saturday we got up early and got McDonald's for breakfast (yummy hash browns!!) and met at my brother & sister in law's house. We left Tucson for Queen Creek. There we went to a U-Pick farm and picked peaches and apricots. They are soooo good! We had Taco Bell for lunch and drove back home. Sunday was pretty tame. Usually it is my day to do laundry but since my washer is broken I just took it easy. On Monday I invited my family and hubby's family over for a BBQ and swimming. We BBQed polish sausage with BBQ sauce and marinated lemon pepper chicken breasts. Eric did a fantastic job of BBQing. I made potato salad and everyone brought something to share. It was so much fun. The weather was perfect and the pool felt so nice.

Friday, May 23

If fate allows....

Since I am sick and haven't been able to function very well, I have taken some time off work this week. On Thursday, I was lucky enough to not have to go in. I figured I would try to be at least somewhat useful and do some laundry. I did 3 loads and then the washing machine went out. I just shook my head and said "of course...". So now my good deed of trying to catch up on all the laundry is out the window. We will have to spend at least some of the weekend at a laundry mat. It is the easiest way to get all the laundry done in a short amount of time. What a pain in the tushie!!!

Tuesday, May 20

Okay...It's Official!

I went to the doctor yesterday and we weren't able to hear a heartbeat, but there has definitely been conception!! WE ARE OFFICIALLY PREGNANT!!!! The due date at this point is about January 15th of 2009. I have another appointment on June 3rd @ 2:30.

Follow the link under the "More sites about us" section to the New Baby Reeves blog. I will be using this site as my "pregnancy update" site. It will be a record of my appointments and mood swings/symptoms.

Sunday, May 18

Does anybody care....?!

I am seriously wondering if anyone even cares or reads my blog. I am interested in reading about my friends, but I don't think anyone reads about me. If you do, could you leave me a comment so I know who does???

Saturday, May 17

Makutus Island

Hi Everyone,

My sister's friend Stephanie invited Brianne and I to join her son's birthday party at Makutus Island in Phoenix. It is like McDonald's playland on crack!! It is really awesome. It is a huge into playground for kids and adults! They have a security system in place with wristbands. You can practically drop your kid off inside the play area and let them go until you leave together. Here is their website: http://makutusisland.com/index.html I highly recommend checking it out...you and your kids will love it.

Thursday, May 15

Becca's Baby Shower

Well here they are (finally) the pictures of Becca's baby shower. It was a lot of fun and stress. Bec got some great presents and was so greatful to everyone.

Here are some pictures from the big event:

Thursday, May 8

Sister in Labor?!

Well my nephew held on until after the baby shower (thanks Oatmeal!) but it seems that my sister is having real contractions. She had an appointment yesterday, and the doctor noticed the contractions on the stress test. They immediately did an exam and she was only 1cm. They are almost positive that the baby will be born in May (not June 22 as anticipated). She has had a hard pregnancy this time and is read for little Oatmeal to make his appearance...

95th Birthday

Today my Great-Grandmother turns 95! Wow, the things she has seen...The entire family is going to dinner tonight (except Eric-he'll be in school).

Friday, May 2

Baby Shower

Well it is Friday and tomorrow is my sisters baby shower for her baby boy due on June 22nd. It is at my house and I am STRESSING as I always do before I have a party. Fortunately though my husband had arranged to have today off and he is going to help me get things in order, he is the best. I will put some pictures up when the party is a done.

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